Pathway to Effective Regulation

Snavely King Majoros & Associates, Inc. ("SKM") proposes Analytica94© as a solution. SKM is a small, eleven-person, firm of economists, accountants, mathematicians, PhDs, engineers and cost analysts with over 100 years of combined experience as expert witnesses on behalf of individuals and governmental agencies. Since its founding in 1970, Snavely King has developed substantial economic, financial, accounting, and operational expertise in these price-regulated industries. Senior members of the firm have appeared in well over 1,000 separate regulatory proceedings before almost all Federal and state agencies that regulate their prices and costs. SKM has also provided expert anti-trust and environmental analysis and testimony and quantified personal damages for several black farmers resulting from discrimination in agricultural programs. SKM's clients are typically Main Street organizations and individuals

SKM will establish A94 and build sufficient cash reserves to operate. A94 will use the cash for operating expenses, model development, research and marketing. Upon successful completion, SKM will transfer, at a price of $1.00, effective ownership of each software program from SKM to A94. Effective ownership means that as long as A94 continues to exist as a viable entity, it will retain ownership of the software. If A94 ceases to exist as a viable entity for any reason, ownership of all software and intellectual property rights revert to SKM.
SKM personnel will participate in all phases of A94 activities until the software is completed and the organization is self-sustaining. SKM will combine its modeling capability and collective knowledge of these regulated industries to develop further national models of these supply chains with suites of programs, modules and databases designed to analyze the effectiveness of current regulatory cost containment points, and any changes caused by current regulatory filings.

The system will consist of: (1) new models that have been conceptualized but need coding, (2) existing models which must be enhanced to provide more capabilities and integrated into the larger system, and (3) specific modules and data bases from the U.S. Department of Energy's National Energy Modeling System ("NEMS."), the Environmental Protection Agency's models, the U.S. Department of Commerce and other relevant agencies.

A94© will pay SKM consulting fees at SKM's GSA management consultant rates for these services.

SKM will also set aside and clearly designate at least forty percent of its total office space and bill A94© forty percent (40%) of SKM's monthly: 1) rent, 2) office manager, 3) network costs and 4) other operating expenses (copier etc.). SKM will pay A94 a license fee, measured at market value, for its use of A94 software, and fees for training its employees.