Our Mission for Main Street

Analytica94, Inc. ("A94") is a non-profit organization focused on the economic regulation of U.S. industries - primarily, but not limited to, the public utility, transportation and telecommunications industries. A94's sole purpose is to conduct research, develop economic models and provide the training necessary for Main Street individuals and organizations to evaluate the effectiveness of regulation. The name "Analytica94, Inc." explains what we do, who we are, and what we hold as our core values and thus our service. We start with "Analytica" because we analyze and we do it on a forthright basis with integrity and honor. "94" is in honor of the 94th Division of Patton's third Army, where the father of one of the organization's leadership served. Finally, "Inc." because we believe in capitalism and are not opposed to competitive profits; however, our non-profit business model recognizes our obligations to our employees and to the "public interest."